We’ve helped thousands of clients over the years and would like to think we have learned a thing or two along the way. The most important lessons we have learned are about the value we bring to our customers.

So why should you use a Geotechnical Engineering firm for your project?

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Let’s Start With The Basics…
As a developer, you know how to develop a property. That’s not the issue. What you really need is to isolate as many of the unknown factors as possible so that your build goes smoothly. With a Geotechnical Engineering firm at your side, we can help you understand how prevailing site conditions can affect your plans. With a report from us, you will be better prepared going into a project knowing what you are getting into rather than being blind-sided halfway through development. Granted, the use of a geotechnical firm does not completely eliminate problems on the site, but it does bring potential issues to the forefront so you can properly prepare for them. In many instances, a geotechnical report will allow you to ask for a concession on the sale price of the property or a contingency fund through lending. A well documented report from GeoWerks Engineering will always make you aware of what you should anticipate and if there will be potential problems at certain stages of the project.

Once you have a geotechnical engineering report, how do you interpret it?
Especially on the commercial side, we usually work across the entire team including architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, and the owners. Our findings are reported back to the team so that everyone can act in concert when addressing potential issues.

On the residential side of the business, the team is usually not as broad so our value to you is typically focused through a single individual. In the majority of residential requests, we are asked to do test pit excavations. These are easy, cost-effective tests and will tell you — the developer — how much rock or resistance you will face when building out the site.


Ready To Assist You

No matter how large or small your project, GeoWerks Engineering is ready to assist in making your vision a reality. We provide a wide array of engineering solutions to meet your specific project needs — from geotechnical to environmental site assessments to construction and materials testing. Just reach out and ask about your individual project and how we can help.