Why Work With GeoWerks Engineering?

Subsurface conditions are extremely difficult to predict because of the complex nature of the earth’s crust.
Knowledge of the subsurface layers obtained from soil testing borings can be beneficial to your project
through foundation designs and geotechnical recommendations for cost effective earthwork techniques.

These types of explorations are a “must-have” for those needing to estimate project costs and can be customized for
most budgets based on the amount of risks that are willing to be assumed. Field drilling, sample
collection and sample testing is provided through a local network of reliable subcontractors established by
GeoWerks based on long term business relationships.

Our professionals consider local geology, design and intended land use, when performing the following services:

MSE Walls

  • Wall Designs (Preliminary and For Permitting)
  • Wall-Specific Subsurface Explorations
    • One-dimensional consolidation testing
    • Wet density determination
    • Particle size analysis
    • Plasticity index determination
    • Soil bearing capacity
    • Phi-angle determination (via triaxial testing)
  • Wall Failure Investigations
  • Wall Certifications

Preliminary (real estate due diligence) and Final Subsurface Explorations

  • Foundation Design
  • Earthwork recommendations
  • Previously Place Fill Suitability
  • Slope Stability
  • Settlement Evaluations
  • Soil Test Borings
  • Hand Auger Borings
  • Test Pits (generally a follow-up service where buried debris is suspect material is encountered)
  • Failure Investigations
  • Seismic Refraction Surveys (limited land disturbance)
  • All test locations are located using survey-grade GPS data collection systems for precise locations and elevation data.

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